Victoria Forsberg


Foto: Frida Maureen Hultberg

Victoria Oetker Forsberg (b.1990) is an artist based in Oslo, Norway.

Human complexity, identity and inner contradictions are consistent themes in my art. I explore the space between the unclear and evident. My paintings are abstract portraits of a momentary state, an idea, or an observation. Something emerges and some things never do, something becomes visible and some things remain hidden or lost, with only traces of what once was.

Paintings, like human beings, are full of countless layers and contradictions that make up a seemingly consistent whole. The perception of what is, can be experienced as something concrete, distinct and meaningful; however, it is impossible to define exactly. The meaning will vary significantly depending on the context or conditions. We are left to guess, to experience something that resonates in the moment. This is what I seek in my work.

I have my art education from Nydalen art school (Nydalen kunstskole) and Oslo art academy (Oslo Kunstakademi). I have a background in psychology and philosophy that heavily influences my art. I work intuitively in an non-figurative language that is organic and tactile. By building the surface layer by layer, I explores textures and lines to create depth and complexity.